Health & nutrition 

This program aims to provide efficient health solutions to the crises of refugees. Most current programs involve clinics in cities, and people struggle to find transportation to the clinics. Our plans include making mobile health sites that provide primary health amenities to treat common illnesses and preventative treatment, especially for women and children. In regards to diseases that require hospitalization, the program will collaborate with hospitals to provide treatment and transportation. A balanced meal is unknown by many refugees, and this leads to cases of nutrition deficiency in refugee settlements. Malnutrition increases the susceptibility to illness, therefore growing the health problems of refugees. 


Wealth status determines the accommodation one can afford. Most displaced persons are fleeing tragedy and not able to take much, therefore end up in refugee camps. In camps, they get a small plot of land and a tent. The tent is temporary accommodation, but people may remain in refugee camps for decades while being processed for resettlement. Many succumb to building a small shack with the material they buy. Our program will work with environmentally friendly companies for substances to build homes that provide better protection against the weather and surrounding wildlife. Funding can also support refugees seeking housing in cities. Our goal with this program is to ensure that all refugees receive decent housing that reduces the risks of refugee settlement life. 


Considering the other problems refugees face, school is sometimes not highly prioritized. Children are sent to schools if parents can afford their education. The program will support families in not only funding but also finding proper schooling of all levels. Since refugees can spend years in countries like Uganda while seeking resettlement, they may need to acquire skills to survive. Adults can receive training courses, which will also benefit them after relocation. 

Legal Assistance 

As a refugee in certain countries, they are not able to get proper documentation like identification, and work permits. Lack of documentation prevents them from being able to get jobs and housing legally. The need to find work to support oneself and family leads to refugees seeking jobs in terrible circumstances that make them vulnerable to slave labor and human trafficking. Our organization will provide legal help with qualified lawyers to help them get documentation, work permits, and assist in resettlement cases.