message from the founder

Today most third-world countries are over flooded by refugee migrants. Therefore many humanitarian organizations are trying to assist refugees all over the world, so UNHCR is playing the leading role by coordinating fundings to reach and solve immediate needs for refugees. As Red Cross, World Visions, etc. are also leading refugee supportive organizations. Still, this century refugee crises create unbelievable social destruction and cost human lives. The elderly, women, and children are the most victim of these crises. Global Refugee Solutions stands to fight these refugee crises with all concerned organizations, governments, good samaritans, and refugees. The organization is founded by those who understand refugee problems because they have been refugees in Kenya, Uganda, and the USA for the last 28 years. To solve refugee problems, Global Refugee Solutions believes mainly to organize refugees and actively participate with refugees for solutions that can eliminate the crises—therefore leading refugees to be self-sufficient and stand together to fight these human crises of the 21st century. This organization will take action and drive change for the refugee cause.