What We Do 

 Global Refugee Solutions supports refugees, asylees, and internally displaced persons. The support offered is in terms of services that meet the specific needs of these communities. Our organization has a different set of programs aimed at targeting areas of crisis in the towns of displaced people. These programs are adjusted to cover areas lacking in aid for such communities. We do not only provide funding for projects but have a hands-on team that goes to areas of need to implement the programs. The organization collaborates with institutions involved in similar work, to better provide for the target audience. To learn more about our programs, please click on the link.

Where we work

Located in Colorado, our organization operates on an international level. We are in the beginning stages of operation in Uganda and plan to be able to move to other countries. We aim to help our demographic in all continents. 


Nigusse Beyene is the founder of Global Refugee Solutions. As a refugee who left Ethiopia during a time of conflict, this project is founded on his experiences. He left with nothing but the clothes on his back and was able to start a new life in Uganda. He faced hardships but was able to survive through the will to live, hard work, and generosity of others. The organization founded after his trip to Uganda, where he found conditions for refugees had not changed much since his resettlement. The increase of refugees in the country demanded a need for more aid and support. He began this organization as a way to find solutions for those displaced individuals. Click on the link for a message from the founder.