A nonprofit corporation based in the U.S. that serves the communities of displaced persons, our mission is to promote social welfare by creating solutions for refugee crises. We aim to help displaced persons who cannot fight for themselves due to any significant emergencies. We offer services that assist with education, housing, legal aid, health, nutrition, and resettlement. The goal is to make sure those seeking refuge are protected and have access to necessities. Especially during times of great strife, those without a voice should be given one.

How you can help

Our corporation depends on the generosity of people. Funding from donations helps support refugees in need of the services we provide. The more contributions we receive, the more communities we can service. Not only can people donate, but they can also volunteer to support the cause. Helping spread the word about the cause brings attention to the issues faced by displaced persons, which helps us get closer to making change. Any support is much appreciated, not only by us but by the communities.




Global Refugee Solutions focuses on different parts of the refugee crisis.

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